About Us


We are an Apostolic church built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.



Soul Vision World Evangelism was established and legally registered in South Africa as a Global Christian Body on the 23 October 2008 by the Presidents And Chief – Apostles, A. Moses Brink and V. Yolande Brink.

The Lord has blessed founders with five beautiful children named: Siyan, Diego, Tamia, Vanessa and Warren.


It was on a Saturday afternoon in the month of September in the year 2007 after we did our normal worship rehearsal as a family, I got tired and went to bed. That evening the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a vision, the Lord took me into the heavens and I soar like an eagle in the air with my arms and legs widespread, looking down onto the earth. As I was soaring and looking down to the earth, I saw millions upon millions seeds laying on top of each other packed up in four corners (which looked like a room with four corners). Then the Lord spoke to me these words and I quote “I am the bread of life”, as He said these words it sounded like a trumpet in my ears although I could not see His face I knew it was the Lord Jesus Christ. I was breathless and full of joy to the point that I was crying. When I awoke the next morning, the Holy Spirit led me to tell a fellow servant of God who was an evangelist for many years about this vision I had. He explained to me, and I quote what he said, the seed you saw was the millions of souls in the harvest field of the lord. Immediately the Holy Spirit said to me, the four corners you saw was the earth (world) it is your task to bring those souls in the four corners of the earth in one unity with Christ.

The Holy Spirit led me then to ordain the ministry “SOUL VISION WORLD EVANGELISM. I then became the president and Apostle of Soul Vision World Evangelism with one goal in mine, to bring all in unity with Christ. We at S.V.W.E would like to welcome all races and genders of the world to share in this vision of unity in Christ and to be one with the family of S.V.W.E. to accomplish the works of Christ (the great commission).